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Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, Driftwood Obsidian Birch Trees and Trinity Obsidian Starmap release details.

  Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, 25% Linen, 25% Hemp, 50% Combed Cotton, approx 328 gsm. ** These wraps were mislabelled as 50% hemp 50% cotton but the care instructions remain the same** Ternion has a threefold weft of thick bleached linen, slubby bleached hemp and a pale aqua coloured combed cotton, making this a textured and […]

Driftwood Sand Gossamer: 25% hemp, 25% Italian linen, 50% combed cotton

These wraps are a real departure from anything we’ve done previously. We wanted to make a natural coloured wrap that would have a strong and elegant presence in its original form, yet look equally beautiful when dyed.  The gossamer pattern fits the bill perfectly and creates an understated design that works in harmony with the […]

Driftwood Cyano Seafoam- Our New Release, Available Soon!

(50% combed cotton, 25% hemp, 25% linen): available from Sunday 29th June Driftwood is a sibling to the Spindrift Cyano Seafoam, but whereas the latter is 50% hemp, 50% combed cotton, this wrap has a hemp and linen weft making it 25% hemp, 25% Italian 2 ply linen and 50% combed cotton. Driftwood is ever […]

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