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Solstice Obsidian – sister wraps!

The summer solstice is the point at which the hours of daylight stop getting longer and start to shorten, it’s the high point of summer and is the longest day of the year. The winter solstice is the opposite and is the shortest day of the year. The act of celebration at Solstice is truly […]

Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, Driftwood Obsidian Birch Trees and Trinity Obsidian Starmap release details.

  Ternion Obsidian Seafoam, 25% Linen, 25% Hemp, 50% Combed Cotton, approx 328 gsm. ** These wraps were mislabelled as 50% hemp 50% cotton but the care instructions remain the same** Ternion has a threefold weft of thick bleached linen, slubby bleached hemp and a pale aqua coloured combed cotton, making this a textured and […]

Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon: 100% combed cotton

Anemone Obsidian Tourbillon is sister wrap to the recently released Heliotrope Vortex. They both use the same 2 colours of cotton in the weft but combined to create 2 very diifferent effects. In Heliotrope the threads blended to create one solid colour, whereas in Anemone they produce an ombre effect of purple,pink and blue. They are […]

Obsidian Cyano Starmap: 100% combed cotton

The long dark nights of late autumn have appeared since the clocks went back in October, and are still quite an exciting novelty (especially with Halloween and Bonfire night entertainment captivating the children). Perfect timing for releasing the Obsidian Cyano Starmaps onto the website. The turquoise and green warp shines through the dark weft like the Northern […]

Obsidian Cyano Seafoam (100% combed cotton) available from 4th June 2014

      The  obsidian weft really brings out the jewel tones of the cyano warp, and calls to mind the Northern lights in a clear summer sky. We prefer to wear this particular wrap weft side out, so that the turquoise waves crash against the dark night sky, but how you choose to wear […]

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