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Firerock Pendle Starmap

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Firerock Pendle Starmap

Weft Name: FirerockWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: StarmapGSM: 250Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: Organic Combed Cotton 60% Italian spun viscose 40%Related Wraps: Vega Obsidian Birch Trees is the same blend and weave structure, but a slightly lighter weight wrap. Astral Pink moon Curves of Pursuit and Astral Blood Moon Curves of Pursuit both share the same […]

Bifrost Mercury Starmap

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Weft Name: BifrostWarp Name: MercuryDesign Name: StarmapGSM: 320Weave Structure: SynergyAverage Width: 69cmBlend:  100% combed cottonRelated Wraps: Bifrost Starmap and Bifrost Seafoam are identical in the weave and rainbow face of the cloth, but have a dark blue weft rather than the grey of Bifrost Mercury StarmapWrapping Qualities: Cloth isn’t prone to pulling, passes glide easily over each other. Smooth texture but […]

Golden Twilight Starmap Librarian

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Weft Name: GoldenWarp Name: TwilightDesign Name: Starmap LibrarianGSM: 250Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 69cmBlend: 100% combed cottonRelated Wraps: Gold Obsidian Starmap shares this golden weft, but alternates it with a deeper yellow for a richer goldWrapping Qualities: Incredibly soft and easy to wrap with. Made from 2 ply cotton for strength and cushioning without feeling bulky.Care […]

Bifrost Twilight pre-order


We promised that we would reweave the Bifrost Starmap synergy wraps, and here is the form for you to tell us how much to weave! We are offering the chance to pre-order on trust. This means that we will weave a wrap for you without expecting you to pay anything upfront. We do need you […]

Bifrost Starmap

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Weft Name: Bifrost Warp Name: Midnight (1st release) Twilight (2nd release) Design Name: Starmap GSM: 320 Weave Structure: Synergy Average Width: 69cm Blend: 100% combed cotton Related Wraps: Has a very similar rainbow weft to  Bifrost Obsidian Charters Moss (although they are not identical). Identical to Bifrost Seafoam and Mercury Bifrost Starmap Wrapping Qualities: Cloth […]

Gold Obsidian Starmap

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Weft Name: Gold Warp Name: Obsidian Design Name: Starmap GSM: 257 gsm Weave Structure: Alchemy Average Width: 70cm Blend: 100% combed cotton Related Wraps:  Solstice Obsidian Starmap  Nebra Octarine Starmap Amber Twilight Starmap Aurora Twilight Starmap and Sherbet Cirrus Starmap are all 100% cotton Alchemy weave Starmaps Wrapping Qualities:  It has good diagonal stretch and […]

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