The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Babywearing

Evidence Based Studies

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Ask any baby wearer about the benefits of slings and they’ll happily tell you how the were an essential part of the parenting tool kit- that they couldn’t have imagined coping without them! Each of us has our personal anecdotes of situations that they made easier, or even possible at all. We can tell you of how they they helped refluxy babies to settle to sleep, let us get out and about where prams couldn’t reach, freed our hands so that we could look after older children, helped us to feel connected with our little ones- the list is huge!

It is important to remember that these benefits have been instinctively known and passed down for thousands of years- baby wearing is not a new invention or discovery, although for many of us in Western society it is a modern reintroduction as our baby wearing lineage has been broken or lost.

All the historical and anecdotal evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that carrying our children in slings is a great thing to do, but did you know that people have taken it one step further and actually run scientific, quantifiable studies into the benefits of baby wearing for both child and caregiver?
Here is an overview of the science behind baby wearing.


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