Welcome to our new shop!


Welcome to our new online shop!

If you have been a Firespiral customer for a while you might have spotted some changes happening over on our blog site, and this is because the blog site is now the foundation for our shop!

There are a few reasons for the move – primarily we wanted our website to be a hub of useful and interesting information that was easy to access. When we first started carrying, there were active babywearing forums that provided a wealth of trustworthy, informative support.
The internet is awash with content about babywearing, but not all of it is current or accurate. We plan to make this site the only place you need to visit in order to meet your wrapping needs- whether it be as a total beginner or a complete enthusiast!
We also wanted to be more hands on in the website design and be able to create something that worked well for  babywearing, given that it has quite a niche, community based market.

There are a few questions that we thought you might have that I’ll answer for you here, but if there is anything that we haven’t covered please do contact us (you can also use the new chat bubble thingamajig in the bottom right-hand corner, and if we are at our desks we’ll be able to answer you straight away!).

Will my account have transferred over to the new site?

No, it won’t. We could have transferred all basic account details over, but then we would have had to email passwords and have conversations to ask if you are happy for us to be transferring your data between sites and that seemed like a recipe for disaster, so we have left it for you to set up your own accounts, should you wish to.

What does that mean for my existing account credit and past purchases for Loyalty applications?

We have retained the ‘my account‘ section of our old website and will keep it open for 12 months. If you have account credit that you would like us to transfer over just send us a message and we will look you up on the old website, check what we owe you and email that credit over to you for you to use on the new site.  You may also use this section to look up old orders for loyalty scheme applications.

What’s new?

You can buy wrap cloth and wrap scrap squares in some designs!

We have done away with the wrap scrap lucky dip (for now) and will see how you like choosing the scraps that you want instead. This would be a good way to buy a piece for a memory quilt alongside a wrap, or a way of seeing what you think of the design/blend before choosing to buy an entire wrap.  We also offer wrap width wrap cloth by the half metre in some designs, as we thought this would be a good way for you to shop for cloth for bigger projects (clothes, buckles and tie on carrier conversions, home furnishings….or wherever your imagination takes you!). Don’t forget to share your projects with us too, we love to see them! When you buy more than one increment of cloth it will come as a continuous piece, so for example if you buy 2 half metre pieces we will send you a full metre of cloth.

We are also using a new debit/credit card payment gateway alongside the traditional Paypal option.

The new system is called Stripe and we think it is going to be a great fit with our business. It is just a normal means for you to pay by card if you prefer that to paypal, keeping the transaction safe and secure. You don’t need to sign up to anything.

For our international customers,

we have a currency converter on our Prices page that is linked with current exchange rates.

The chat thingamajig!

You’ll be able to chat to either Tamsin or Jen whenever we’re at our desks (or sat under the kitchen table playing lego, but with access to our laptops). We will try to answer any question you ask us!! It can also be a bit quiet for us working from home each day, so feel free to just say hello!

We don’t have a cart reservation system anymore.

If you don’t check out something that is in your basket, someone else can buy it. It will show as available in the shop until it has been purchased by someone.

After shipping

Our international customers will be able to track their purchase from a link on our website so no more having to navigate to the Royal Mail site and type numbers in.

We hope you love our new website, and if you have any feedback or any suggestions for things that you would like to see added please get in touch!

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