What does base size mean, and how do I find my base size?

A simple definition of base size is the size of wrap needed to tie a front wrap cross carry when carrying a single baby. 

Front Wrap Cross Carry with a 6 month baby using a size 7 woven wrap
What does that mean for me? What is my base size and how do I work it out?

A base size wrap is always a long wrap (sizes 5 – 8)

Clothes size (for your top half) is a good general indicator of wrap size needed, but there are other factors that will also affect your base size:

Size/age of your child. A younger baby will take up less wrap length than a toddler.

Wrapping experience – a more experienced wrapper will be able to remove more slack from the wrap.


A survey of the Firespiral team (with our different body shapes) has the result that we all have the same base size (6).

Tamsin wears a Ruck tied Tibetan with a pre-schooler in a size 6
Jen wears a Front wrap cross carry with a toddler in a size 6
Kate wears a Ruck tied Tibetan with a knotless finish in a size 6

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