Winter Wovenland: 6th-8th December 2019

Join us at our virtual winter party!

Join us for this year’s Virtual Winter Wovenland, from the comfort of your own home! The event will last for 3 days, with the Friday being dedicated to games, giveaways & fun, followed by a sale over the weekend.
Here’s your guide to what will be happening.

All times given are in our local UTC time zone, so here’s a converter for your local time if you live elsewhere!

Friday Fun Day!

  • Interview with Jenni Littlejohns from Its A Sling Thing.
    Is there anything you want to know about Firespiral, past or future? Submit your questions to Jenni (either on her post in the Firespiral Community & Marketplace Facebook group, or send directly to Its a Sling Thing) and she’ll ask us for you! The interview will go out live on Facebook, and will also be available on our website to watch later!
  • Treasure hunt
    On Friday morning we’ll give you the first clue. Figure out the correct answer and follow where it leads to find the next, until you have all the answers, and also a special prize! This will be happening across facebook and also Instagram if we can manage it- so you can use either format.
  • Winter Wovenland Game
    This is our big competition, with loads of prizes to be won! To enter you need a game card (or multiple cards if you want more chances to win). You will receive a free game card with every purchase made in our shop from now until the 5th December. You can also get game cards by making a voluntary donation to our chosen charity, The Flying Seagull Project. They work in marginalised communities, hospitals, refugee camps etc, bringing fun, joy and a moment of much needed distraction to children who are living in the most stressful conditions. You can read more about the work they do here, and follow this link to get your game cards.

    Your card will have 10 symbols on it- each representing one of our designs. We’ll draw symbols out of a hat (might not be a hat- could be a box) and the more you match, the greater your chance of winning an amazing prize!

Prizes include:
A £300 shopping spree in our website shop! (to be spent by the 14th December 2019)
A wompat babywearing bag
A double blanket
A scarf or cowl
Gift Vouchers

Some prizes will be available to everyone who matched that number of symbols, others will only be available to one person, and we’ll have some sort of silly tie breaker game to decide the winner (the runners up will then be included in the next prize draw, and will be guaranteed to win at least a gift voucher). You don’t need to be physically involved in the tie breaker- don’t worry!

We know that it can be hard to be around to participate in events live, so we try to make all games and competitions non-time limited. If you can’t play along live, then just check the results when you can- it won’t affect your chances of winning!


The sale will run from 9:30 am on Saturday 7th December until 9:30pm on Sunday 8th December 2019

There will be discounts on loads of items in our shop, but not the new mercury wraps, blanket preorders or slingamebobs. You can use any gift credit or extra discount codes that you won on Friday on any item though, so make sure to get involved!

Our 2 event exclusive wraps still need to be named, but they’ll be in our shop from Saturday morning. They are the kaleidoscope design, woven on two different warps, the pink toned Sunset, and the turquoise green Cyano with an orange weft. The wraps are 100% combed cotton and around 245gsm.
This was a very small run of cloth, with less than 10 wraps made in each colourway.

Some small print:

Unfortunately we can’t apply sales prices or discount codes to items that you have bought before the sale starts! We weave limited edition runs, and so whilst it might be frustrating to know you paid full price last week, it could well be that if you’d waited, we would have sold out of your chosen item. We all love a bargain, but remember that when you pay full price to a small company like ours, you are keeping us in business to carry on making wraps. We love the work that we do, and we’re grateful to do it, but it isn’t a big profit maker, and we work hard to keep prices low all year round.

Please check your order before you place it, and make sure that you’ve applied any discount codes be!

Event specific discount codes will expire at 9:30pm on Sunday 8th December, so don’t forget to use them by then!

As always, these events are brought to life by your participation, so we’d love you to get involved!! Make sure to be following us on Facebook and Instagram (and join the main facebook chatter group if you aren’t already a member)
See you then!!

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