Firespiral Slings woven baby wraps are designed and woven in the UK. Our designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature that stray into both science and myth; the magical way in which we are connected to the world and its rhythms.

Wrap Size


We make 6 different lengths of wrap based on the standardised sizing scale, with each wrap size 50cm longer than the size below. Our wraps are shaped like long parallelograms, with a medium taper.

     Wrap Size

Wrap Length (m)

Suggested Carries




Traditional Sling Pass

A good size for quick ups for a toddler / pre-schooler.



Kangaroo Carry

A lovely newborn carry



Short Cross Carry

A poppable front carry for older babies



Ruck Tied Tibetan

A simple yet supportive back carry for older babies and children



Front Wrap Cross Carry

A great newborn carry



Double Hammock

A multilayer carry for older babies and children.


There are many carries that can be done with each length depending on size of parent and child and the wrappers experience. There are many excellent resources for learning new carries out there, including sling libraries and consultants and of course tutorials on media such as YouTube. We will be adding tutorial videos soon that are being made for us by the amazing Slingdad Dom.

As some of our wraps arrive to you in ‘loom state’ they will shrink a little on first wash (see CARING FOR YOUR WRAP for more information on washing). How much a wrap shrinks will be dependent on its fibre composition and also how it is washed and dried. We cut these wraps around 30cm longer than the size stated in the chart to allow for that initial shrinkage. We find that they do not lose the full amount by any means and so those wraps often run longer.

Some wraps are professionally washed and ‘finished’ so that they are preshrunk before they arrive with you. Whilst these wraps may contract a little after washing they will not permanently lose length on their first wash and are cut truer to size as a result.