Woven Wrap Sizes

Size numbers refer to the length of the woven wrap along one of its long sides.

Your wrap should be measured in hand, using a soft tape measure ( this method is often shortened to the acronym STIH) You can find out how and why to measure this way here.

Each size is 50cm (20”) longer than the previous size.

SIZE 2 = 2.7M (8’8”)
SIZE 3 = 3.2M (10’ 8”)
SIZE 4 = 3.7M (12’)
SIZE 5 = 4.2M (13’8)
SIZE 6 = 4.7M (15’4”)
SIZE 7 = 5.2M (17’)
SIZE 8 = 5.7M (18’7”)

There is no upper limit to sizes;  wrap sizes continue to grow incrementally by 50cm (20” ) per size
e.g. size 9= 6.2m (20’3”), size 10 = 6.7m  (22’) and so on.

Find out which size would be best for you.

If you would like to order a longer, or custom sized wrap please email us on contact@firespiralslings.co.uk and ask. If we have uncut cloth we will be happy to make a wrap in the size that suits you best. We also offer the opportunity to pre-order a longer sized wrap in each new design before it is released in the shop.

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