Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees

The past two years have flown by, and Nina is now a very active and independent little girl,  despite me never heeding the well intentioned warnings that I should put her down more to avoid her becoming ‘clingy’ (I’m sure you’ve heard similar in your own parenting journey)!

Nina’s first time in a wrap!

We’ve gone from her spending the majority of her day in the wrap- feeding, napping and travelling in the sling- to her only being wrapped a few times a week. Choosing whether or not to be wrapped is one of the ways she explores her growing identity and the psychological to and fro of wanting to be a big girl at times, and a baby at others.
My older boys went through this phase at around the same age, and both embraced the practicality of the sling again (to rest tired legs or for some quiet close time) once they’d reached a more stable emotional idea of who they were as blossoming little people.

For Nina at the moment however, wraps are for babies who need help, and so no matter how much easier it would be for both of us if she would just go on my back for a few minutes while we run an errand or I cook tea, she would rather tough it out on her own…

We still take a wrap out with us wherever we go, because it is the safety net for both of us, providing the reassurance that if it all gets too much then we have a way of comfortably solving pretty much any practical or emotional problem that presents itself. We’ll try every other way, but when she just gets too tired or overwhelmed, the sling is still her place of solace.

Nina nursing to sleep in Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees

Woodsprite is a ‘slightly heavier than our medium’ weight 100% cotton wrap (around 275gsm). It is a beautiful birth to toddler wrap; soft and supple for newborns, simple to wash and care for, and quick and easy to wrap with which lends excellent support for heavier children.

Close up of Woodsprite showing weft threads.

The green weft uses a blend of different coloured cottons to create depth to the tone, and the burnish warp is a natural shade that is hard to pin down as a colour, just as the colour of tree bark is so more than just ‘browny-grey’.


Woodsprite Burnish Birch trees in the sunlight.


Weft face comparison of Woodsprite Burnish and Springtime Octarine Birch Trees.

We have some longer sizes of Springtime Octarine Birch Trees available on our website at the moment.


Woodsprite is going to be a slightly smaller than usual run and will be available on our website from 10th May 2017.


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