Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss 30 cm square

Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss is 86% combed cotton, 10% viscose, 4% cashmere and approx. 260gsm

It is an easy-care machine washable wrap.

Here’s what Nelly from Drowsy but Awake thought of it:

Night’s watch is, first and foremost, insanely soft and snuggly. Firespiral is renowned for its kitten belly soft combed cotton warps, complemented in this case by viscose and cashmere among the weft threads. The weft face somehow manages to be textured and smooth at the same time, and the wrap feels floppy and thin in hand, making it the perfect choice for a new baby.

Night’s watch is incredibly easy to wrap with, and truly wraps itself, with passes gliding easily but staying in place. It’s been most used here in a kangaroo carry, but has also held up well in a front wrap cross carry, short front cross carry, semi pocket front cross carry, and ruck, all with 3 month old baby E. I imagine it would be great with multi pass carries for bigger babies too.

It says a lot about this wrap that since it’s been here, I haven’t reached for any other sling. It’s been everywhere with us – on the preschool run, through the woods, and even on an epic adventure to London by rail and tube!

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£4.00 inc VAT

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